WW1 in Alsace - Linge Battle - 63rd Anti Aircraft Regiment - 96th poste semi-fixed

The surviving British veterants on October 30th, 2007
Henry Allingham 06/06/1896
Harry Patch 17/06/1898
Phillip Mayne 26/11/1899 09/04/2007
William Young 04/01/1900 24/07/2007
Kenneth Cummins 06/03/1900 11/12/2006

The surviving Canadian veterants on October 30th, 2007
Gladys Powers 10/05/1899
Clemett, Victor Lloyd 10/12/1899 21/02/2007
John F. Babcock 23/07/1900
Wilson, Dwight "Percy" 26/02/1901 09/05/2007

The last surviving German veterant on October 30th, 2007
Meier Robert 10/03/1897 29/01/2007
Konrad Fuchs 15/10/1897 13/11/2006
Rudolf Seim 03/01/1899 09/01/2007
Wilhelm Velten 02/09/1899 26/12/2006
Wilhelm Remmert 15/11/1899 27/05/2007
Rudolf Christmann 10/01/1900 27/06/2007
Franz Künstler 24/07/1900
Józef Kos 27/09/1900 05/04/2007
William Seegers 24/10/1900 10/07/2007
Walter Heiman 12/03/1901 18/03/2007

There are no more surviving Italian veteran on October 30th, 2007
Italo Sarrocco 11/05/1898 08/01/2007
Giustino Tuveri 15/05/1898 05/10/2007
Alberto Agazzi 30/01/1899 12/04/2007
Pasquale Costanzo 21/05/1899 10/05/2007
Giovanni Antonio Carta 28/12/1899 05/06/2007

The surviving U. S. veterants on October 30th, 2007
Emiliano Mercado del Toro 21/08/1891 24/01/2007
Moses Hardy 06/01/1893 07/12/2006
Ernest Pusey 05/05/1895 19/11/2006
Antonio Pierro 22/02/1896 08/02/2007
Charlotte Winters 10/11/1897 27/03/2007
Howard Verne Ramsey 02/04/1898 22/02/2007
Albert Frederick 'Jud' Wagner 05/09/1899 20/01/2007
Harry Landis 12/12/1899
Russell Buchanan 14/01/1900 06/12/2006
Frank Buckles 01/02/1901
Lloyd Brown 07/10/1901 29/03/2007

The surviving "Poilus" (French veterants) on October 30th, 2007
Maurice Floquet 25/12/1894 10/11/2006 Legion of Honor Officier Infantryman, wounded in the face (gueule cassée)
Louis de Cazenave 16/10/1897 Legion of Honor Knight Foreign Infantryman
Lazare Ponticelli 07/12/1897 Legion of Honor Knight Mountain infantryman
Jean Grelaud 26/10/1898 25/02/2007 Legion of Honor Knight Infantryman
René Riffaud 18/12/1898 15/01/2007 Legion of Honor Knight Artilleryman
Raymond Guay 11/02/1900 02/01/2007 (Is not considered as war veteran) Air army ground soldier, volountary
Raymond Cambefort 17/04/1900 (Is not considered as war veteran) Infantryman, voluntary

Document edited by :
French Department of War Veteran
November, 2007

Lazare Ponticelli, one of the last two surviving
Lazare Ponticelli, one of the last two surviving "Poilus" , walking to the War Memorial of Kremlin-Bicêtre on November 11th, 2007

Mr Lazare Ponticelli (109 year-old), one of the last two surviving "Poilus" (french soldiers of WW I) participated as every year on November 11th, in the moving commemorative ceremony of the end of the Great War (1914-1918). He came and paid a tribute to his companions fallen for France during this war, in the presence of a large crowd.

This ceremony took place (as every year) in front of the War Memorial of his town, Kremlin-Bicêtre, near Paris, in the departement of Val-de-Marne. In spite of the cold and his old age, Lazare Ponticelli, accompanied by the authorities, walked to the War Memorial, to lay down a bunch of flowers. That's what he does every year, as he had promised to one of his companions.

He commented on his attending this ceremony regularly by declaring a few years ago : " the horror of this war, I shall not forget it, neither for me nor for those who died. That is why I go on November 11th to the war memorial ".

Interviewed at the end of the ceremony this November 11th, 2007, this veterant of the Foreign Legion, was happy to notice that young people joined more and more to this event, reminded " the importance of the memory, and that it was necessary to learn from the history".