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WW1 in Alsace - Linge Battle - 63rd Anti Aircraft Regiment - 96th poste semi-fixed


This website is dedicated to the men who came from all over the world to fight on this unknown frontline to defend ideals which were very often beyond them.

Thousands have paid with their lives, anonymously, after so much suffering on the battlefields, despite desperate calls for help with which their grieving brothers in arms could not comply.

Those who were lucky enough to survive were deeply etched in their bodies and souls.

These Braves gave us a lesson of courage and self sacrifice. We ought to remember this in order to prevent such atrocities from happening ever again.

They said this war would be the last so let’s do our best to make it right .

Now and then the nature releases tiny traces of these anonyms, let’s repect them, preserve them, and let’s keep away from degrading money making spirit.

Time passes, the memory should remain.

Music : From I'M DREAMING OF HOME (Gary Lewis / Lori Barth) for the film Merry Christmas.